2017 review

Although it’s not been as busy as 2016, 2017 has still been a busy year for me.

I’ve finished the year on 158 games and although it’s 23 shorter than last year, it’s still not a bad effort!

Within them 158 games, I’ve seen 570 goals and that gives an average of 3.60 goals per game.

I’ve watched eight 0-0 draws in 2017 and four games which had 10 or more goals.

The most goals in a game came when I watched University of Sunderland Women 1sts 3-9 Teesside University Women but I’ve also watched Consett 7-3 Easington CollierySunderland U23s 11-0 Annfield Plain and probably the most entertaining of the lot – Heaton Stannington 5-5 Easington Colliery.


I was quite surprised to see this but my reports in 2017 have gained 71,500 views and I must say a huge thank you to every single one of you.

As you would have expected, the United Kingdom makes up most of them views with 66,000. In second place for views is the US with 2,581 and Finland (not a clue why!) is third.

The most popular report was Billingham Town 0-6 Hartlepool United and the abandoned clash between Sunderland RCA and Morepth Town proved to be the second most popular.

People from 92 different countries have visited my blog including views from the likes of the Cayman Islands and Equatorial Guinea!

My average attendance for 2017 is over twice as much as 2016! In 2017, a cumulative attendance of 373,281 watched the games I went to and that gives an average of 2,347.67.

My highest attendance was 65,798 and that came when I watched Manchester United 2-0 Hull City while the lowest attendance was 6 (University of Sunderland Women 1sts 3-9 Teesside University Women). The crowd at that game was half the amount of goals!

Games of the year:

1) Almere City 3-3 Granada CF

Rather than the actual game (although it was very good), this vote is mainly because of the club. We had been to England vs Scotland in the Women’s Euro’s and had tickets for Sweden vs Russia but didn’t realise how much train tickets were to get to Deventer. I had a look and found this game on Flash Scores. Upon arrival, it was clear that Almere City were a very good club. I got admission, a teamsheet, their monthly newspaper (!) and a FanClub clapper all for the total price of nothing! They couldn’t have done anything more to make in an enjoyable visit. I bought a can of Coke as I felt bad that everything was free. The game itself matched the club despite only being a friendly. Granada had just been relegated from La Liga and had some flash players such as Adrian Ramos. Both sides played very good football and it was a very competitive 3-3 draw. If you’re ever in northern Holland, I’d highly recommend a visit to Almere City.


2) England Women 6-0 Scotland Women 

This game turned out to be my only real feel of the Women’s EURO’s. When the fixtures came out, this was always going to be one of the games we went to. Utrecht is a very nice city with good links to Amsterdam. It’s not very often you go on a pedalo on a canal a couple of hours before kick-off! The whole of Utrecht had a great feel in the build up to the game. There was no danger at all to anyone and all the fans were mixing together and enjoying themselves. We had only arrived that day and spent some time in Utrecht before the game. Although nowhere near as big, it certainly had a better community feel to it than the men’s EURO’s in 2016. The game itself turned out to be one way traffic. Scotland didn’t show what they’re capable off and England got their campaign off to a very good start. It was certainly an experience I’ll remember, and a memorable one at that.


3) Heston Stannington 5-5 Easington Colliery

The list wouldn’t be complete with a Northern League classic. This game had a very strange feel to it as our then manager Paul Frame had handed his resignation in just before the game. Heaton Stannington have always been a good club and I’ve always enjoyed my visits there but I enjoyed this one even more so. Easington went 3-1 down, 4-2 down and 5-3 down but clinched a point in the 91st minute. It was a great game to watch at a very good venue and it’s much closer to home than Utrecht and Almere!



I’ve been asked by a few people but I’m not going to the World Cup in Russia. It would be a bit more dangerous than the likes of France and Russia. Qatar in 2022 kind of tempts me though!

We’re going to Berlin in August but that’s primarily for the European Athletics Championships. Mind, I will find a game to squeeze in while over there.

Again, it’s likely to be fewer games than in 2017 but I’ll still manage well over 100 I’d think.

Finally, a massive Thank You for all of your support and time in 2017 and lets hope it continues into the calendar year of 2018!


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