Why the Northern League matters to me.

Northern League football is 100% passion, fans of the clubs know all their clubs history and they know each and every player, and when you start talking to these fans they tell you some cracking stories.  The normally unpaid programme editors spend hours producing a programme that the club will be proud of. Fans of both clubs mix, having fans separated really reduces the atmosphere. You can have 2 fans of opposition teams stand next to each other all match and fiercely celebrate when they score. But no matter what the result, the Northern League is a community where everyone respects each other. At the fulltime whistle fans will go into the clubhouse, buy a pint, speak to opposition fans, speak to both sets of players and speak to everyone within the two clubs. You don’t just have to stick to one seat. Many fans in the Northern League go behind the goal that their team are shooting at giving them very good support. You can even have banter with the goalkeepers, generally they’re more than happy to talk to you.  The welcome you get is great, if you’ve traveled a long distance and the club know, the secretary and people connected with the club will come and meet you.  The food is much better! You don’t get cheap frozen pies, you get real homemade pies at a much more reasonable price. The quality of football is generally very good. Many players in the Northern League could turn professional but choose not to. Yes, it’s the 9th and 10th tier of English football so some of the football isn’t going to be great, but some of it is unbelievable for the 9th tier. Players like Danny Johnson and Mikey Roberts both of Guisborough Town, Liam Henderson, Stephen Capper and Gavin Cogdon of Spennymoor Town. All of these players are very good footballers and there’s more but there’s too many to name. It gives players the chance to represent their home town club, do their town proud. You can easily get involved in the game, as a child everyone wants to catch the matchday ball, well at Northern League games and most other Non League games you have a very good chance of this happening. The places you go, the people you meet, the football you watch, the great value and the pure passion are all reason why people are going to Northern League matches and that’s why  the second oldest league in the world is still going strong.



  1. Thank you very much for the offer. But, I’m only 16 years old and Esh Winning is quite a distance to travel for me. If I was a few years older and I could drive I think I would have accepted your offer. I think that I’ll get to an Esh Winning home match next season.


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